Prevent Distracted Driving in Your Fleet

Ultra-rugged smartphones combined with the most effective distracted driving solution available.

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Distracted Driving is a Big Problem

$8.4 Billion
Cost of distracted driving crashes to US fleet employers annually.

Number of drivers more likely to get into an accident if texting.

Sonim & eBrake will help you:

  • Protect employees from distracted driving.
  • Reduce potential liability from crashes.
  • Ensure compliance with safe driving policies.

Full Suite of Custom Fleet Features

eBrake comes packed with a slate of safe driving convenience features too.

  • eBrake On

    eBrake activates when motion is detected and locks the device. Fleet drivers are prevented from using their device.

  • eBrake Attendant

    Ability to silence, push, identify, or route incoming calls and text messages while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Input Disabled

    eBrake can be customized to allow easy viewing of any application (navigation, dispatch, etc.) but with input disabled.

  • Delayed Unlock

    Timer appears when vehicle comes to a stop - shows count down to unlock. Policy driven - can be set to any time.

  • Passenger Unlock Test

    Only drivers are blocked by eBrake. Passengers can simply unlock eBrake by performing a quick test that can’t be completed while driving.

  • Ruggedized Phone

    Fully operational in extreme temperatures. Resistant to shock/ vibrations.

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BCAA and our drivers put safety first at all times and we are pleased to adopt the eBrake solution and encourage other fleet drivers to do the same.


  • What is eBrake?

    eBrake is a distracted driving solution (a mobile app) for Android smartphones and tablets. eBrake locks the device when motion is detected and blocks incoming notifications. It cannot be unlocked by the driver when the vehicle is in motion making it the most effective distracted driving solution in the market today.

  • Can a driver disable or turn off eBrake when driving?

    No - eBrake cannot be disabled, gamed, or turned off like other distracted driving solutions. Once motion is detected, eBrake is ON meaning it wakes up, locks the device, and blocks incoming notifications.

  • What if there is an emergency and the device is locked?

    One-touch emergency calling is always available for drivers in the locked state.

  • Does eBrake require any hardware?

    No hardware necessary. eBrake is 100% a mobile app

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