Prevent Distracted Driving in Your Fleet

Reduce potential liability risk from crashes and improve driver safety.

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Why Partner With eBrake?

Given the increase in distracted driving incidents in the transportation industry, Sonim's partnership with eBrake was a no brainer.


A RAM® Mounts held device upgraded with eBrake is a safer device.

Full Suite of Custom Fleet Features

eBrake On

eBrake activates when motion is detected and locks the device. Fleet drivers are prevented from using their device.

Delayed Unlock

Timer appears when vehicle comes to a stop - shows count down to unlock. Policy driven - can be set to any time.

eBrake Attendant

Ability to silence, push, identify, or route incoming calls and text messages while the vehicle is in motion.

Passenger Unlock Test

Only drivers are blocked by eBrake. Passengers can simply unlock eBrake by performing a quick test that can’t be completed while driving.

Input Disabled

eBrake can be customized to allow easy viewing of any application (navigation, dispatch, etc.) but with input disabled.

White Labeling

The look and feel of eBrake can be customized to match any brand identity.