Frequently Asked Questions

What is eBrake?
eBrake is a distracted driving solution (a mobile app) for Android smartphones and tablets. eBrake locks the device when motion is detected and blocks incoming notifications. It cannot be unlocked by the driver when the vehicle is in motion making it the most effective distracted driving solution in the market today.
Can a driver access their device at a stop sign or red light?
When the vehicle comes to a stop a timer appears letting the driver know their device will unlock after a specified period of time. eBrake can be customized to unlock at any time interval.
What if there is an emergency and the device is locked?
One-touch emergency calling is always available for drivers in the locked state.
At what speed does eBrake activate and lock the device?
eBrake can be customized to activate at any speed.
Can eBrake auto-reply to people trying to text or call the driver?
Yes - the driver has the option to turn on SMS ‘auto-replies’ to incoming calls and texts in eBrake’s Settings. The driver can customize their response to whatever they want.
Can a driver disable or turn off eBrake when driving?
No - eBrake cannot be disabled, gamed, or turned off like other distracted driving solutions. Once motion is detected, eBrake is ON meaning it wakes up, locks the device, and blocks incoming notifications.
What happens when a driver with eBrake happens to be a passenger?
If the driver happens to be a passenger, they can easily unlock their device by completing eBrake’s Proprietary Passenger Unlock Test, something a driver could NEVER complete while driving. It’s this augmented reality-based Passenger Unlock Test that makes eBrake unique.
Does eBrake work with in-vehicle bluetooth / handsfree / infotainment systems?
Yes - eBrake works with all in-vehicle systems. Incoming calls can still be answered through bluetooth systems and texts can still be answered by voice through Android Auto.
Does eBrake require hardware?
No hardware necessary. eBrake is 100% a mobile app.
Is eBrake available for iPhones or iPads?
eBrake for iOS is currently under development.
Does eBrake work with Android Auto?
Yes - eBrake works seamlessly with Android Auto.
Can eBrake block incoming notifications?
Yes - because these alerts can be very distracting!
What if the driver needs access to Google Maps or other mapping applications?
A view-only version of Google Maps is allowed through eBrake’s lock screen. The driver just needs to program their destination prior to driving.
Can eBrake be customized to allow other applications through its lock screen?
Yes - eBrake can be customized to allow ANY application through its lock screen when the vehicle is in motion.
Who was eBrake developed for?
eBrake is available today for fleets looking to protect their drivers and reduce liability risk and expenses from distracted driving-related crashes. eBrake is also available to insurance companies looking to reduce distracted driving-related insurance claims.