Frequently Asked Questions

What is eBrake?
eBrake is a distracted driving solution for Android and iOS smartphones, available as an integrated operating system technology as well as an app at Google Play and the App Store. eBrake comes to life when it detects motion and locks whatever mobile device it sits on. It prevents drivers from using their smartphones but grants passengers unrestricted use.
Can drivers disable or shut eBrake off when driving?
No. eBrake cannot be disabled or turned off like other distracted driving solutions. Once motion is detected, eBrake is ON meaning it wakes up, locks its device, and blocks incoming notifications.
Can passengers still use their phones when in a moving vehicle?
Yes. Passengers continue to have unrestricted access to their devices when a vehicle is in motion. To unlock their device, they complete eBrake's Passenger unlock test, something a driver cannot do while driving!
Does eBrake silence incoming notifications and alerts?
Yes - because these alerts can be very distracting! Incoming text messages can even be met with an automated response alerting said texter that the driver is driving and currently unavailable.
Does eBrake work with my vehicle's handsfree/bluetooth system?
Yes! Voice activated programs like Google Assistant and Siri work when eBrake is ON. Approved In-vehicle communications and entertainment systems are unaffected.
Does eBrake require any in-vehicle hardware?
No, eBrake does not require any hardware to operate. eBrake is 100% a mobile solution.
What smartphones and operating systems are supported?
eBrake is available Android and iOS devices.
Can drivers make an emergency call?
Yes, eBrake offers one-touch emergency calling directly to 911.
Are music apps available when eBrake is ON?
Yes. By using voice commands or by setting your playlist prior to the vehicle setting in motion.
Are navigation apps available when eBrake is ON?
Yes. If you pre-program your destination prior to the vehicle setting in motion, you will see/hear your directions.
What happens when I am in a cab or taking public transit?
eBrake turns ON whenever motion is detected - be it on a bus, cab, train, bike or even an airplane! eBrake ON means the device has been locked. To unlock, simply follow the prompts and you'll be able to access your device in less than 10 seconds.
How is eBrake different than other distracted driving solutions?
Most distracted driving solutions allow a driver shut them off or disable them anytime a vehicle is in motion. Others require vehicle hardware to be installed and maintained. Some are very expensive.
  • eBrake is a unique, patent pending technology solution
  • eBrake can not be disabled or turned off when the vehicle is in motion
  • eBrake requires no hardware
  • We made eBrake affordable in order to STOP distracted driving!