The accelerating epidemic that is distracted driving.

One of the most dangerous driver behaviours is the spreading epidemic of distracted driving, which has increased with the proliferation of cell phones and increasing mobilization of people across the globe.


We saw the largest increase in highway fatalities in 50 years in 2015. In the first 6 months of 2016, fatalities have increased 10.4% to more than 17,000. Distraction is a problem - too many people are dying and being injured on our roadways.


8 of 10 collisions reported involved distracted driving. $10 Billion in economic losses.


Today, despite new laws, higher fines, new technology solutions and public relation campaigns, the problem is accelerating and getting much worse.

9 The number of fatalities each day from distracted driving.

23x Number of drivers more likely to get into an accident if texting.

43% Young drivers who send and respond to texts while driving.

$ Billions Insurance costs caused by distracted driving.

eBrake. The tipping point in the fight to stop distracted driving.

eBrake is a technology upgrade for Android and iPhone to combat distracted driving. Unlike other distracted driving solutions that allow drivers to use their smartphone when driving, eBrake is the only one that automatically locks a driver’s phone when motion is detected, but grants passengers unrestricted use.

eBrake is for companies and families looking to protect customers, employees, and young drivers from distracted driving.