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eBrake to Prevent
Distracted Driving

eBrake locks drivers from their device when driving and provides a simple unlock test for passengers - something a driver cannot complete while driving.

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How it works

Activates Automatically

eBrake automatically locks the device when vehicle motion is detected and silences incoming notifications. 911 calling always available.

Freedom for Passengers

Passengers are free to use their smartphones anytime by completing eBrake’s proprietary unlock test, something a driver cannot do while driving.

Can’t be Turned Off

Unlike other solutions, drivers are unable to turn eBrake off while driving making it the most effective solution on the market.

No Hardware

eBrake requires no in-vehicle hardware to install and maintain. eBrake is a 100% mobile solution for Android & iOS.

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App Store & Google Play

For Insurers

Anchor your safe driving program with eBrake & prevent distracted driving.

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For Fleets

Optimize fleet safety & protect every employee from distracted driving.

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For Families

Peace of mind knowing your young drivers aren’t using their phone when driving.

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More Features

eBrake comes packed with a slate of safe driving convenience features too.

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  • What is eBrake?

    eBrake is a distracted driving technology solution for Android and iOS smartphones. eBrake locks mobile devices when it detects that the vehicle is in motion - then grants passengers unrestricted use.

  • Can passengers use their phones when eBrake is installed?

    Yes. Passengers continue to have unrestricted access to their devices when a vehicle is in motion. To unlock their device, they complete eBrake's Passenger unlock test, something a driver cannot do while driving!

  • Can a driver disable eBrake when driving?

    No. Once motion is detected, eBrake cannot be ‘disabled’ or ‘turned off’ like other distracted driving solutions.

  • Does eBrake require any in-vehicle hardware?

    No, eBrake does not require any hardware to operate. eBrake is 100% a mobile solution.

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