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Mobile Technology That Prevents Distracted Driving

The only hardware-free distracted driving solution that prevents a driver from unlocking and using their device while driving.

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For Fleets

Optimize fleet safety & protect every employee from distracted driving.

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For Insurers

Anchor your safe driving program with eBrake & prevent distracted driving.

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How it works

Locks Automatically

eBrake automatically locks the device when motion is detected and blocks incoming notifications. 911 always available.

Cannot be Turned Off

Once motion has been detected, eBrake cannot be turned off or shut down by the driver making it safe and effective.

Maps, Music Allowed

eBrake can be configured to allow any application through its lock screen making it safe and convenient.

No Hardware

eBrake is 100% a mobile solution. It requires no in-vehicle hardware to install and maintain.

Given the increase in distracted driving incidents in the transportation industry, Sonim's partnership with eBrake was a no brainer.


A RAM® Mounts held device upgraded with eBrake is a safer device.

More Features

eBrake comes packed with a slate of safe driving convenience features too.

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  • What is eBrake?

    eBrake is a distracted driving solution (a mobile app) for Android smartphones and tablets. eBrake locks the device when motion is detected and blocks incoming notifications. It cannot be unlocked by the driver when the vehicle is in motion making it the most effective distracted driving solution in the market today.

  • Can a driver disable or turn off eBrake when driving?

    No - eBrake cannot be disabled, gamed, or turned off like other distracted driving solutions. Once motion is detected, eBrake is ON meaning it wakes up, locks the device, and blocks incoming notifications.

  • What if there is an emergency and the device is locked?

    One-touch emergency calling is always available for drivers in the locked state.

  • Does eBrake require any hardware?

    No hardware necessary. eBrake is 100% a mobile app

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